2in1 Eurojumper bungee trampoline 2 person

2in1 Eurojumper bungee trampoline 2 person 2in1 Eurojumper bungee trampoline 2 person 2in1 Eurojumper bungee trampoline 2 person

2in1 Eurojumper 2 person

Solid income in limited spaces with a small investment.
The 2in1 Eurojumper Standard features 2 jumping stations to generate income, while still being very easy and fast to set up. Suitable for mobile and stationary use, it is the perfect solution where the available space, investment budget, or visitor numbers don’t quite allow for the full power of a 4in1 but a 1in1 would still leave unused potential.

  • Stations: 2
  • Delivery dimensions: 4 x 2 x 1.5 m (LxWxH)
  • Footprint: 14m x 4m
  • Height: 6 m
  • Weight : 450 kg
  • Set-up: 1 person, 2 hours
  • Operators: 1 person
  • Capacity: 24 customers per hour

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Technical Description


80% zinc-coated (even pole interiors) construction 20% aluminum, extra strong alloy Optimized for easy fitting and assembly


4 m diameter trampoline beds Galvanized steel frame, rust-resistant UV resistant blue spring mat to protect the jumpers

Aluminium tubes

The tower poles are in two halves and slot easily together to be secured to the base. The tower poles have now been given extra strength by additional sleeving inside. There are 8 aluminium pipes (splitted).

Winches - new for 2021

1050 W, 230 V high quality, extra strong winches made in the EU Equipped with nylon rope for extra durability Specifically designed for Bungee Trampoline use

Bungee Cords

Units equipped with braided bungee cords by default Braided bungee cords feature maximum durability with a regular elasticity of 250% Latex bungee cords available as an option for an additional charge Latex bungee cords feature extreme elasticity of 400% for exceptionally high jumps with a regular durability For more information about your bungee cord options, visit our online shop

New for 2021

Larger swivels to attach to the bungee cords to help prevent twisting (occurs when jumpers do flips). This will assist in preserving the lifespan of your bungee cords and save you extra work.

Key benefits

  • Great income potential for a small investment
  • Mobile and stationary use
  • Small space requirements
  • Easy and fast set-up

Scope of delivery

The unit is delivered complete and ready for operation:

  • Complete steel & aluminum construction
  • 2 trampolines (4 m diameter each)
  • 1 set of bungee cords for 2 stations
  • 2 harnesses (sizes of choice: XS, S, M, or L)
  • 2 winches
  • Operation manual with detailed set-up and operation instructions
  • Free customer support by telephone & e-mail
  • 24 months warranty (bungee cords & harnesses excluded)

Extra harnesses, bungee cords and spare parts can be purchased. For more information, visit our online shop

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