Brand new money maker for 2020

FunCity combines 3 all-time favorite attractions in one mobile, trailer-mounted unit: Softplay, Bungee Trampoline, and Climbing Wall create a fun-filled, high-energy environment, offering 3 proven income generators and a high turnover capacity – a perfect solution for young and old at all types of events.

FunCity is a complete entertainment package, offering fun and action for kids, peace of mind for parents, visitor engagement and efficient use of space for event organizers as well as exceptional business for owners. With its variety of activities, FunCity attracts a broad target group, drawing in crowds and animating spaces, while the integrated trailer ensures optimal mobile operation.

The unit can be set up in a modular manner in any combination of the three rides to adapt to site and event requirements. Along with its relatively small footprint and efficient use of space, this means more bookings and better contracts, lower operating costs compared to individual rides, and exceptional revenue capacity of up to 383 euros per hour. Get your quote now!


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    • 3 popular rides & proven income generators in one
    • Extremely high turnovers
    • 1-stop entertainment
    • Variety of activities
    • Modular set-up possibilities
    • Flexible business possibilities
    • Efficient mobile operation


    • Rides: 3
    • Bungee Trampoline stations: 4
    • Climbing routes: 2
    • Softplay capacity: 15
    • Footprint (completey set up): 11 x 9 m
    • Height: [Add height]
    • Transport dimensions: 7.5 x 2.45 x 3.6 m (L x W x H)
    • Weight: 2.900 kg
    • Set-up: 2 persons, 3 hours
    • Operators: 2-4 persons
    • Capacity: 383 euros per hour
    • Power supply: 230 V, 13 amp



    • Aluminum poles
    • Zinc-coated & galvanized steel
    • Softplay permanently built onto trailer
    • Perfect geometries for exceptionally high jumps


    • Integrated base unit and trampolines
    • All rides safely stored onto trailer
    • EU homologated
    • Certificated of conformity & VIN number
    • LED back lights for added visibility & safety on the road


    • 4.35 m (14 ft) diameter trampoline beds
    • Galvanized steel frame, rust-resistant
    • UV resistant blue spring mats to protect the jumpers


    • 1050 W, 230 V high quality, extra strong winches made in the EU
    • Equipped with steel ropes for extra durability
    • Specifically designed for Bungee Trampoline use

    Bungee Cords

    • Units equipped with braided bungee cords by default
    • Braided bungee cords feature maximum durability with a regular elasticity of 250%
    • Latex bungee cords available as an option for an additional charge
    • Latex bungee cords feature extreme elasticity of 400% for exceptionally high jumps with a regular durability

    Climbing Wall

    • Panels made of fiber glass
    • Professional grips made of fiber glass & sand mix
    • Manual belay system
    • Autobelay system for hands-free operation available as an optional extra

    Scope of delivery

    The unit is delivered with all 3 rides complete and ready for operation:

    • Complete steel & aluminum construction
    • Integrated trailer
    • Complete Softplay with play elements and protective coverings
    • 4 trampolines (4.35 m diameter)
    • 1 set of bungee cords for 4 stations
    • 4 harnesses (1 of each size: XS, S, M, or L)
    • 4 winches
    • 2 climbing routes with manual belay system and grips
    • Operation manual with detailed set-up and operating instructions
    • Free customer support by telephone & e-mail
    • 24 months warranty (bungee cords & harnesses excluded)

    Optional extras

    • Autobelay system for hands-free climbing wall operation
    • Roof tent for weather-independent operation

    Extra harnesses, bungee cords and spare parts can be purchased. For more information, visit our online shop

    Not included in delivery:

    Power supply, signs, lighting, decorations, barriers



    Bungee Trampoline


    Climbing Wall


    Ride fee €5 €3 €3 
    Duration5 min20 min6 min 
    Customers p. h. per station10158 
    Stations / Routes4 2 
    Hours of operation per day   8
    Total customers p.h404516 
    Turnover p.h.€200€135€48€383
    Total turnover per day (100% capacity)   €3.064
    Total turnover per day (66% capacity)   €2.022

    *- The calculation is based on standard ride fees in most developed countries (e.g. Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, Netherlands, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavian countries, etc.). In Spain, the UK, Italy, Greece, and Eastern European countries, prices tend to be a bit lower, while in the UAE, Singapore, and other prime locations they tend to be significantly higher. The operating costs and thus the profit depend on staffing and site lease agreements.

    At a realistic 66% capacity use, FunCity is capable of generating a turnover of €60.660 and achieving a return of investment in only 30 days of operation. This makes it one of the most profitable attractions on the market!

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